KADO KARIM is a world-class national project


The brightest event of 2015 on the premium property market of Latvia is the completion of the construction of the exclusive housing estate KADO KARIM in Jurmala. Project commissioning is scheduled for April. Reserving of the luxury class apartments has already started.

The housing estate KADO KARIM, built in the centre of Jurmala, is the first and sole Latvian project where the internationally renowned architect and designer Karim Rashid has contributed his talent and heart.

KADO KARIM is the epitome of modern engineering and designer thought, which includes a whole collection of the latest technological developments.

The Smart City concept –the next stage of the already accustomed system of residential premises of the premium class Smart House –has been applied in Eastern Europe for the first time. This system anticipates centralised and at the same time absolutely personalised management of heating, safety, power supply and air conditioning and cleaning systems. The project implements unique architectural and designer solutions.

The project architect is Andis Silis, a recognised figure in Latvian architecture. The construction company is Skonto Būve.

KADO KARIM is located in a prestigious district of Jurmala – Dzintari, two minutes’ walking distance from the seashore. The housing estate consists of three 3-storey functionally united residential houses built in a uniform architectural style. The project contains 14 apartments and 7 two-level penthouses with an area of 200 sq. m to 430 sq. m.

Closed and secured territory (video observation), underground parking, chip access system, lobby with concierge service 24/7, cigar room, room for recreation and meeting, custom design, landscaped yard.

The total area of the housing estate is 5 352 sq. m.

More comprehensive information can be foundon the website www.kado-karim.lv

Ballet Raymonda will be Premiered with the Support of Skonto Būve


A new staging of Alexander Glazunov’s Raymonda,produced by choreographer Aivars Leimanis, will be premiered by the Latvian National Ballet on 27 March. The new staging has been created with the support of the patron of ballet – Guntis Rāvis and Skonto Būve SIA.

Chairman of SIA Skonto Būve, Guntis Rāvis: “I take pride in recommending productions of the Latvian National Ballet both to my friends and foreign business partners. Skonto Būvehas been a reliable patron of the Latvian National Ballet for many years already. Reasons for successful cooperation may be found in the similar attitude towards work and quality of the results that we share, as well as the desire to stand out from the everyday plainness, constantly raising the bar of greatness."

Choreographer of the new staging, Aivars Leimanis: “The new production of Raymonda is an old dream coming true - finally our repertoire includes all of the most famous and frequently staged major classical ballets. Even more – the dancers, costumes, and scenography in our productions are at such a high visual and technical level that we can easily perform on all of the greatest stages in the world with pride.”


Photographer: Monta Tīģere, Andris Tone

More information www.opera.lv

Rafter Raising Ceremony at the New Terminal of Riga International Airport


Skonto Būve held a rafter raising ceremony at Riga International Airport, which is currently undergoing the construction of a new terminal. Along with the completion of the frame construction, the new building has now reached its highest point.

Besides the frame construction, the monolithic reinforced concrete covering has been completed as well. The façade has been finished for half of the building, and the arrangement of utilities is under the way.

The 1st phase in the airport's terminal development will provide the expansion of the non-Schengen area and four additional boarding sectors, which will improve the quality of the services provided by the airport. After its completion, the new terminal building will be able to service larger aircraft, thus increasing the capacity of the airport.

Photographer: Karīna Kaufelde

Video: Elīna Matvejeva

The Rafter Rising Ceremony at the Centrus quarter - both of the buildings are at their tallest


The construction of both of the buildings in the Centrus quarter has reached a significant phase of the project - the Rafter Raising Ceremony was held at the beginning of March. Traditionally, the Rafter Raising Ceremony is held when a building has reached its tallest point, and the construction of it structure and roof is finished. As the construction works of the reinforced concrete framing and roof have concluded, the most important tasks in the nearest future are related to the interior design and construction of the facade. 

As we know, the construction of the Centrus quarter will conclude at the end of 2015 with the completion of two 7-story residential buildings. The Centrus quarteris being built as a facilitated, attractive, independent, and high-quality living space and business location in the very centre of Riga. It is located in the busy part of Riga, surrounded by Tērbatas, Dzirnavu, Blaumaņa, and Krišjāņa Barona streets.

The major construction of railway infrastructure in the section Skrīveri-Krustpils has been completed


On 4 February, the second railway track in the section Skrīveri-Krustpils, a most ambitious project worth over 100 million euros that will allow significant increase of train throughput, larger speed and greater security in the direction from Krustpils to Riga, was officially opened.

The ambitious project involved the construction of completely new railway infrastructure - new tracks of 56 km, engineering buildings and systems, reconstruction of a bridge over the River Pērse and the existing culverts and crossings. Also, a new bridge was built over the Aiviekste, becoming the first railway bridge built after the restoration of independence of Latvia. The project also included the reconstruction of five train stations and the development of territories.

Guntis Rāvis, Chair of the Board of “Skonto Būve” Ltd. said: “Within the last few years I have had the opportunity to name several large-scale projects which have been some of the greatest in the last decade. The development of railway infrastructure in the section Skrīveri-Krustpils is among them. The ability of Latvian enterprises to collaborate was the key to success in the implementation of various complex objects, and this project serves as excellent proof of this ability”.

“This was a long-awaited and carefully prepared project, which was needed both for the railway, as well as for Latvia. This major achievement will allow the company to work more efficiently, ensuring stable revenue to the state budget and contributing to the development of the railway sector in general. And people will certainly appreciate the reconstructed train station platforms and well-developed territories,” noted the President of the Latvian Railways Uģis Magonis.

The extensive work was carried out by “Skonto Būve” in general partnership with JSC “BMGS”, JSC “A.C.B” and “Binders” Ltd.