Premiere of a new production of the ballet "Romeo and Juliet"


A new production of “Romeo and Juliet” – a ballet by the great composer of the 20th centurySergey Prokofiev, premieres in the Latvian National Opera (LNO).

The patron of the LNO and the Chairman of the Board of the company Skonto Būve, Guntis Rāvis: “I am deeply honoured and grateful that it’s already been five seasons since Skonto Būve started cooperation with Aivars Leimanis and the Latvian National Ballet, delighting everyone with two new productions each year.”

The Artistic Director of the LNO, Aivars Leimanis, emphasised that without the support of Skonto Būve several productions would not have been staged. “I personally thank Guntis Rāvis. Our programme would be much emptier if we did not receive support from Skonto Būve,” says Aivars Leimanis. He said that this will be the fourth production of “Romeo and Juliet” and in each of them the creators have kept up with the times.

The choreographer of the ballet, Valentīna Turku, revealed that the inspiration behind this production was love: “Love is above all else, and the dancers on the stage must be very brave in order to demonstrate it.”

Sergey Prokofiev got the idea to compose “Romeo and Juliet” in 1934. Initially he planned to change the ending of the well-known story and allow the new lovers to continue their lives happily, however, affected by the atmosphere caused by the repression of the Stalin era, Prokofiev decided to keep the traditional ending. The ballet “Romeo and Juliet” saw its triumphant premiere in 1938 in Brno. Before now it has been staged in Latvia three times – in 1953, 1982 and 1999.

Davis Cup competition with the support of Skonto Būve


On 12 - 14 September in Valmiera Olympic Centre, with the support of Skonto Būve, the Latvia Davis Cup Team will compete with the Austrian National Tennis Team within the Davis Cup competition.

Davis Cup by BNP Paribas is the premier international team event in men's tennis, and is organised by the International Tennis Federation (ITF). This competition has taken place since 1900, when a contest between the national teams of the United States and Great Britain was held. This year 122 national teams are participating in the competition at various levels, and the Latvia team is competing in the Europe/Africa Zone of Group 1.

The first group duel for Latvia took place in February, in Slovakia, in which our tennis players conceded to the home side. The matches against Austria will be to stay in this group. Until now these two teams’ paths have not crossed in the Davis Cup. Currently Latvia takes 39th, but Austria - 21st position in the Davis Cup rankings.

Skonto Būve will expand the Riga International Airport terminal


Skonto Būvewill carry out the 5th round of the Riga International Airport passenger terminal expansion – construction of the “Northern Gateway”.

The 5th round of expansion – Northern Gateway with bridges for passenger boarding, envisages the construction of a two-storey (214 m long and 28 m wide) building with 23 gates for various types of aircrafts. The building is planned to be built about 240 m away from the current gateway, as well as with a gallery structure that will connect it to the current terminal building complex.

This project is planned to be done in two construction rounds. In the 1st round – construction of the constructive part, exterior finish and the territory part of the building will be done, as well as interior works and adjustments of the gallery building for temporary functioning for airport purposes. After this round it is planned to put the building into operation and to start passenger servicing. In the 2nd round the exterior finish works of the building will be carried out.

The main functions of the station will be servicing the departing and arriving passengers – the provision of the boarding and disembarkation process.

The 5th round of the Airport terminal development foresees the non-Schengen zone expansion and four new boarding sectors.

The 20th International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament has concluded


With the support of the company “Skonto Būve” and Guntis Rāvis, the head of the company and the president of the Latvian Gymnastics Federation, the 20th International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament “Mazā un lielā grācija 2014” took place in Jūrmala. Latvian representatives won 25 medals.

Jeļizaveta Gamaļejeva, Anastasija Jefimova and Marika Zavadska, members of the Latvian national team, recurrent champions of Latvia and winners of the Latvian Cup, who are currently preparing for the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship in Turkey, also participated in the tournament.

88 Latvian gymnasts participated in the qualification stage where they competed amongst themselves.

And 70 gymnasts from six countries — Estonia, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Sweden and Latvia — participated in the international competition.

‘Skonto Būve’ unites professional dunkers and basketball enthusiasts at an around-the-clock tournament


With support from ‘Skonto Būve’, the 5th around-the-clock basketball tournament ‘Coastal Games’ was held during the Riga Festival.

This year, the most ambitious around-the-clock basketball marathon in Eastern Europe, the ‘Coastal Games’, took place in rainy and adverse weather conditions.

Like every year, the competition opened with a game between the teams ‘Skonto Būve’ and ‘Rīgas Brīvosta’, and a competition between Latvian politicians of the right and left banks of the River Daugava concluded the around-the-clock basketball marathon.

The around-the-clock tournament was attended by both professional basketball players and amateurs of various age groups. One game was held every hour between the teams of the right and left banks of the River Daugava. Overall, the ambitious 24-hour amateur basketball marathon was represented by 600 players of 48 teams.

The tournament ended with the victory of the Daugava left bank team, and the end result was 960:958. Due to this year’s victory, the residents of Pārdaugava took an overall lead of 3:2 when taking the five past events into account. The winning bank received the challenge cup, which will remain in their possession until the next around-the-clock basketball tournament.

On the other hand, the traditional ‘Skonto Būve Slam Dunk’ competition brings together the best dunkers from Latvia and around the world each year. The world’s elite dunkers such as Rafal Lipinski from Poland, Dmitry Krivenko from Ukraine and Kader arrived in Riga to fight for the title of the best master dunker. However, due to the adverse weather conditions and for safety reasons, the best dunker’s title was not won.