The presidents of Latvia and Israel meet Guntis Ravis at the opening of a memorial


During his state visit to Latvia, Shimon Peres, the president of Israel, and Andris Bērziņš, the president of Latvia, unveiled a memorial to commemorate Zanis Lipke, a rescuer of many Jews. All the assets necessary for the construction of the memorial were donated by people, and Mr. Peres thanked the most generous benefactors, including Guntis Ravis, chairman of the board of Skonto Būve, for their support.

Shimon Peres,  president of Israel: “The whole of humanity can take pride in what Zanis Lipke did saving people during the terror under Nazism. Lipke symbolises humanity at its best, at its most profound and truthful. There is always a minority of people within a society, made up of good and courageous people ready to risk their lives every morning for the sake of good conduct, the way that Lipke did.”

Andris Berzins president of Latvia: “Lipke proves that even under the most horrible circumstances, the love of mankind cannot be defeated. A single determined man can change the world for the better. ”

The new memorial was created to commemorate Zanis Lipke who rescued numerous Jews. It is located just a couple of steps away from the place where he was hiding people destined to die under the German occupation during World War II, in an underground bunker he had dug under his woodshed.

Skonto Būve – reputation leader of the industry


Skonto Būvehas a firm leading position in the construction and real estate industry section of the Top Latvian Business Reputation.

Skonto Būvetakes 1st position in the construction and real estate industry section of the Top Latvian Business Reputation organised by the newspaper “Dienas Bizness” and the public relations agency Nords Porter Novelli. The company has also improved its performance in the top total by climbing three places to occupy 86th position.

Guntis Rāvis, Chairman of the Board of Skonto Būve:“Disregarding the publicity campaigns, the core of any company’s reputation is its actual work in business – the amount of work, its quality and, of course, keeping one’s word in all matters. Skonto Būve reputation is based solely on its work – the quality and the significance of its objects. By leading the Latvian construction industry we strongly believe that it is our duty to share our success with others. Environmental awareness is one of the key motives in both our professional operations in construction and the field of social responsibility.”

Riga receives a present from the entrepreneur G. Rāvis – a gilded central cupola of the cathedral


Within the framework of the Nativity of Christ Cathedralrenovation project “SVET”, initiated by the entrepreneur Guntis Rāvis, the central cupola of the cathedral is to be gilded.

Metropolitan Alexander emphasised that gold is a symbol of eternity and beauty, and beauty is God. It was said in the Holy Scriptures long ago that God commanded the gilding of the temple in Jerusalem, and this tradition is being continued today by gilding thebell-tower and the central cupola of this cathedral as well.

Guntis Rāvis, the initiator of the campaign “SVET” and the Chairman of the Board of the company Skonto Būve, has waited a long time for this moment to come. The project was launched 11 years ago and during this time he supported the renovation of the cathedral facade and the interior as well as the gilding of the bell-tower. Now the preparation works have started in order to gild the central cupola. The entrepreneur sees this campaign as a mission and is thankful to God for having the opportunity to accomplish such a project.

Metropolitan Alexander, the Chairman of the Riga City Council N. Ušakovs and his deputy A. Ameriks have thanked G. Rāvis for his support in the renovation of the cathedral and noted that he is one of the few entrepreneurs whose actions have contributed to making Riga more attractive in the eyes of local inhabitants and tourists.

The gilding of the 380 square metre cupola will be carried out by using 23 carat golden plates and by applying traditional gilding techniques. 5.5 grams of gold is to be used on each square metre; 2 kg of the precious metal in total. The estimated completion time of this work is at the end of this year. The renovation is going to be performed by highly qualified professionals under the guidance of experienced masters in gilding.

This campaign is open to everyone; each inhabitant may participate and help to renovate the cathedral by calling 90006288 and donating LVL.

The campaign “SVET” is the largest-scale campaign in Latvia, launched upon the initiative of G. Rāvis in 2002. Additional information


Ceremonial opening of a new tramline in Liepāja


The flags of Liepāja were flying for the opening of a new tramline from Klaipēdas street up to the end of Mirdzas Ķempes street. The construction was carried out by Skonto Būve.

The new tramline is a branch of the existing 3.6 km long line up to the residential area of Ezerkrasts. The extension of this tramline is unique in its technical form – one of the most advanced noise isolation technologies in Europe has been implemented along the whole tramline – noise absorption material is placed between the rails and concrete plates.

There are also new water supply, sewerage and rain water collection, heat supply and illumination systems. Reconstruction of the public roads or road sections crossing the tramline and the city illumination has been carried out, new pavements, cycle paths and public transport stops have been developed, with green areas facilitated and traffic lights set up. The tram terminal and the public transport bus station has been constructed as well as a building for the needs of tram and bus drivers with a WC, lounge and a dispatcher station.

The “EUROLCDS” Ltd liquid crystal display plant –the biggest production unit of such a kind in Europe – was opened in Ventspils


Visually appealing from the outside and technologically highly sophisticated inside, this building is designed for the production of high technology products of a special complexity for European and USA markets. Skonto Būve performed the construction upon the request of the Ventspils Free Port Authority.

At the opening of the plant, Aivars Lembergs, Chairman of the Board of Ventspils Free Port Authority and Ventspils City Council, announced that industrialisation in Ventspils is booming: “On the eve of last year we opened the “Malmar Sheet Metal” machine building plant and the “Ventspils Welding Plant”; less than a month ago we opened the “Heimdal Skonto Latvija” production unit of module houses and now the liquid crystal plant. They each represent a different industry, but demonstrate a united course of development.”

Ilmārs Osmanis, Member of the Board of “EUROLCDS” emphasised that “this is like a Silicon Valley company associated with great risk, but success is only possible if you are prepared to do what others aren’t.”

Guntis Rāvis, Chairman of the Board of Skonto Būve stated that it is particularly rewarding to build plants and expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to promote the development of manufacturing and in particular the development of high technologies in Ventspils. The biggest challenge in the construction of the EUROLCDS plant was the “cleanroom” with a 1800 m2 area built in compliance with ISO class 6, 7 and 8 standards, which is the biggest “cleanroom” in Latvia for the production of electronics.