Ceremonial opening of a new tramline in Liepāja


The flags of Liepāja were flying for the opening of a new tramline from Klaipēdas street up to the end of Mirdzas Ķempes street. The construction was carried out by Skonto Būve.

The new tramline is a branch of the existing 3.6 km long line up to the residential area of Ezerkrasts. The extension of this tramline is unique in its technical form – one of the most advanced noise isolation technologies in Europe has been implemented along the whole tramline – noise absorption material is placed between the rails and concrete plates.

There are also new water supply, sewerage and rain water collection, heat supply and illumination systems. Reconstruction of the public roads or road sections crossing the tramline and the city illumination has been carried out, new pavements, cycle paths and public transport stops have been developed, with green areas facilitated and traffic lights set up. The tram terminal and the public transport bus station has been constructed as well as a building for the needs of tram and bus drivers with a WC, lounge and a dispatcher station.

The “EUROLCDS” Ltd liquid crystal display plant –the biggest production unit of such a kind in Europe – was opened in Ventspils


Visually appealing from the outside and technologically highly sophisticated inside, this building is designed for the production of high technology products of a special complexity for European and USA markets. Skonto Būve performed the construction upon the request of the Ventspils Free Port Authority.

At the opening of the plant, Aivars Lembergs, Chairman of the Board of Ventspils Free Port Authority and Ventspils City Council, announced that industrialisation in Ventspils is booming: “On the eve of last year we opened the “Malmar Sheet Metal” machine building plant and the “Ventspils Welding Plant”; less than a month ago we opened the “Heimdal Skonto Latvija” production unit of module houses and now the liquid crystal plant. They each represent a different industry, but demonstrate a united course of development.”

Ilmārs Osmanis, Member of the Board of “EUROLCDS” emphasised that “this is like a Silicon Valley company associated with great risk, but success is only possible if you are prepared to do what others aren’t.”

Guntis Rāvis, Chairman of the Board of Skonto Būve stated that it is particularly rewarding to build plants and expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to promote the development of manufacturing and in particular the development of high technologies in Ventspils. The biggest challenge in the construction of the EUROLCDS plant was the “cleanroom” with a 1800 m2 area built in compliance with ISO class 6, 7 and 8 standards, which is the biggest “cleanroom” in Latvia for the production of electronics.

“Skonto Būve” stocks rivers with 250 thousand Brown Trout fry again this year.


To renew the population of Brown Trout in Latvia the project “The Return of a Million Trout”, initiated by “Skonto Būve”, continues this year.

Since 2011 when “Skonto Būve” launched its project “The Return of a Million Trout”, the rivers of Latvia have already been replenished with 750 thousand Brown Trout fry. Within four years of the above mentioned project, a million Brown Trout fry will be stocked in the rivers of Latvia.

Participating in the first of the year’s release of Brown Trout fry in the river Mergupe, Guntis Rāvis, the initiator of the project and Chairman of the Board of “Skonto Būve”, appealed to the public for help in protecting the stocked Brown Trout fry. Thus we all could put our efforts in and make the idea of the project “The Return of a Million Brown Trout” come true, with the idea being to achieve the aim of Brown Trout becoming a common representative of fauna in the rivers of Latvia. G. Rāvis especially thanked all local authorities covering the basins of rivers involved in the project, society and environmental inspectors who provide the daily care of Brown Trout so that they can grow freely while surrounded by widely spread illegal and unfriendly fishing practises.

The godfather of the project and naturalist Māris Olte was pleased with the acclimatisation of the Brown Trout fry stocked during the first years of the project. As Māris Olte indicated, such a project and the resulting resonance with the public changes attitudes towards fish and the natural resources of Latvia in general.

Pursuant to the commission by “Skonto Būve” Brown Trout fry were bred by three Latvian hatcheries – “BIOR” hatchery “Tome”, SIA”Faps” and the farm “Sillakas”.

Skonto Būve starts construction of the new reception block at the Riga Psychiatry and Narcology Centre


Minister of Health Ingrīda Circene, Chairman of the Board of the RPNC Jānis Buģins, and Chairman of the Board of Skonto Būve Guntis Rāvis, jointly buried a time capsule with a message for future generations in the foundations of the new reception block of the Riga Psychiatry and Narcology Centre (RPNC).

Jānis Buģins, Chairman of the Board of the RPNC: “This is a special event as the construction of the last building of the centre was finished half a century ago. We station 9.5 thousand patients here every year and 89% of them are brought in an ambulance. Therefore the new reception is very essential, as at the moment it is located in a 190 year old building.”

The new reception block is designed to be multi-functional. The servicing of patients will be made more discreet by separating the psychiatric and narcological patients, and a united department for diagnostics is to be established. There are also innovations such as beds fitted for temporary patients and the intensive care of those patients that are delivered in a severe mental state, requiring the supervision of medical staff day and night. Also, the intoxication examination department of alcohol, narcotic and psychotropic substances, with the state's only advanced chemical-toxicological reference laboratory, will be transferred to the reception block. The new up-to-date reception block for psychiatric and narcological patients will increase the options for training residential medical staff.

Skonto Būve – the biggest taxpayer and constructor with the best credit rating


Skonto Būveis the leading construction company in Latvia according to turnover and the biggest taxpayer in the field of construction. In 2011, the company paid 4.6 million lats in taxes. According to the industry research carried out by Dienas Bizness and Creditreform Ltd.,Skonto Būve also has the best solvency assessment in 2013.

Kristīne Veinberga, Marketing Specialist of Creditreform Latvija Ltd.:“Besides the excellent financial figures – Skonto Būve is the No. 1 construction company in terms of turnover; it is also the biggest taxpayer of the industry. In 2011, the total calculation of taxes to be paid by the company was 5.6 million lats, with the settled amount constituting 4.6 million lats.”

In 2012, the turnover of Skonto Būve reached 67.15 million lats enabling the company to maintain its position as the leading construction company in line with previous years.