With the support of “Skonto Būve” Ltd the Cathedral’s Bell Tower Dome will be gilded


With the support and initiative of “Skonto Būve” Ltd. Chairman of Board Guntis Rāvis the large-scale campaign “SVET” of restoring the Riga Nativity Orthodox Cathedral is ongoing. This year within the campaign it is planned to gild the surface of the Cathedral’s bell tower dome.

“Currently Latvia needs light more than ever, therefore I invite everyone to take part and become the messengers of light. I am truly grateful to the patron of the project, Guntis Rāvis not only for the funds he has donated, but also for his initiative, while managing the renovation process of the Cathedral. Latvia needs bright people, for the country to be able to exist at times of not only economic difficulties, but spiritual difficulties as well,” emphasizes the metropolitan of Riga and all of Latvia, Aleksandrs.

“Skonto Būve” Ltd has been Listed in the 1st Position of the Top of Companies Formed by Newspaper “Bizness&Baltija”


“Skonto Būve” Ltd has received a diploma issued by newspaper “Bizness&Baltija” for achieving 1st place in the Top 50 construction companies of Latvia. Newspaper “Bizness&Baltija” compiles the top Latvian companies every year, awarding the winners in various fields.

“In 15 years “Skonto Būve” has managed to strengthen its positions in the Latvian market, the company plays a significant role in the development of state and municipal infrastructures. Also, we devote serious work to conquering the markets outside the borders of Latvia,” comments "Skonto būve" Ltd Chairman of the Board Guntis Rāvis on the company assets.

“Skonto Būve” Ltd. has signed an Agreement with BOMBARDIER TRANSPORTATION SWEDEN AB



The second railroad is planned to be constructed in the approximate length of 52 km from Skriveri to Krustpils within the scope of the project during the period up to September 2013. Reconstruction of railways in stations and modernisation of railroad security, telecommunications and power supply systems are also planned.

“Skonto Būve” Has Completed the Reconstruction of the Third and Fourth Floors of Cesis New Castle



At the end of the year the second stage of the Cesis New Castle, implemented by “Skonto Būve” Ltd, was completed. It included the reconstruction and renovation works on the third and fourth floors of the Castle, as well as the staircase of the Castle. Facilitation of the Castle’s exterior has been implemented as well.

During rebuilding works a facilitated conference hall for 50 people was constructed on the third floor of the Castle. It is equipped with all the necessary sound and translation systems. The loft has been rebuilt to create an exhibition hall-gallery there, which can be used for both – exhibitions, as well as organising museum-teaching programmes and other educational events.

The authenticity of the finishing and layout has been retained within all the tasks, natural linseed oil and casein glue based paints have been used. Fittings authentic to the century have been worked into the finishing, forger production has been used.

“Skonto Būve” Will Launch Reconstruction and Renovation Works at the Bank of Latvia Building



 “Skonto Būve” Ltd. has been announced the winner of the tender and in January will already launch the reconstruction and restoration works on the Bank of Latvia building at Kr.Valdemāra iela 1b.

The luxurious Bank of Latvia building was constructed in 1890 and its designer was Johannes Koch. The reconstruction and renovation works of the building will be executed in a-4050-square-meter-space, fully renovating the building’s exterior as well as the interior.

The reconstruction works will be executed while retaining the authenticity of the finishing and layout, and while applying solutions that comply with safety requirements of a modern bank.

Currently “Skonto Būve” has taken over the building for the implementation of the construction works. The construction works will be launched immediately after receiving the construction permit and will last for 16 months.