"Skonto Būve" Launches Demolition of the Buildings of Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital



On 28 October "Skonto Būve" at Riga Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital launched demolition of several old buildings, to create space for the construction site of the new hospital section.

On the first day of launching the works "Skonto Būve" executed demolition of section No. 30. In general, demolition works plan to include several single-storey and three-storey buildings, garages, as well as already derelict buildings.

“Demolition works of the buildings within the hospital territory require special care, because silence has to be observed, and free movement possibilities have to be provided within the territory of the hospital for patients, visitors and road transport,” "Skonto Būve" bears this responsibility emphasized Arnolds Atis Veinbergs, Chairman of Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital Board.

Guntis Rāvis Congratulates the Best DINAMO Rīga and Atlant Hockey Players at the "Skonto būve" Match



After the special match devoted to DINAMO Rīga general sponsor "Skonto Būve" Ltd., the company director Guntis Rāvis congratulated the best hockey players of the DINAMO Rīga and Atlant teams.

The best player of DINAMO Rīga was Mikaels Telligvists, and from Atlant team the victorious player was goaltender Vitālijs Kovaļs.

"Skonto Būve" is a general sponsor of DINAMO Rīga for the second season in a row. Every year it supports the team with a donation in the amount of 200 000 euros. Furthermore, this year hockey players of DINAMO Rīga received from "Skonto Būve" the largest donation cheque in terms of size in the team’s history.

Guntis Rāvis immures a capsule in the foundation of the future metal processing plant



Launching the construction of a new "Skonto Plan" metal ware plant, the member of the Board of the "Skonto Būve Ltd." and "Skonto Plan Ltd" Mr. Guntis Rāvis participated in the ceremonial capsule bedding into the foundation stone of the future plant.

While bedding the capsule with a letter to new generations at the site of launching of the construction works, Guntis Rāvis said: “By launching the construction of a new metal non-standard ware plant, we build not only the foundation for a new building, but also for the regional development and Latvian national economy in general. We wish the stability in the foundation and the growth during the development!”

The new metal manufacturing plant will be built in the territory of the existing production unit of the "Skonto Plan Ltd" in Tukums and the plant will be engaged in the production of various stainless steel and aluminium sheets. It is planned that 90% of the production will be exported to the member states of the European Union, as well as to the former Soviet Republics. It is planed to commission the plant in June 2011.

Topping Out Ceremony at Building Complex on Ulbrokas Street



A topping out ceremony at the municipal multi-storey apartment building complex in Ulbrokas Street, which is being constructed by "Skonto būve" Ltd., was held on August 31.

Riga Mayor Nils Ušakovs, Riga City Council’s Environment and Apartment Issues Committee Chairman Vjačeslavs Stepaņenko and the municipal company SIA Rīgas pilsētbūvnieks Chairman of the Board Ivars Gaters attended the topping out ceremony of the first building of the new municipal apartment building complex, and all praised the progress of the construction work.

The construction of the first three apartment buildings, with 480 apartments altogether, is to be completed by the end of this year, whereas the other two buildings, with 312 apartments in all, will be put into commission by July 30 next year.

"Skonto būve" Ltd. donates funds to Latvian foster families



"Skonto būve" Ltd. has supported the campaign “Skolas bērnam jāiet skolā” (A Schoolchild Must Attend School), organised by the Latvian Society of Foster Families and intended to ensure that children from various regions of Latvia – Alūksne, Kuldīga, Valmiera, Limbaži, etc. – have everything they need as they head to school on September 1.

A total of 150 legal guardians and foster families will receive this support to schoolchildren.

Ilze Golvere, Chair of the Society, said: “This is a difficult time for everyone, but I have peace of mind right now. With the support of "Skonto būve", we will be able to assist a great many people: buy them indoor shoes, book bags and school supplies. I can speak on behalf of all the families and express our sincere gratitude for having been heard, understood and granted this money.”