On Tuesday, September 11, near National Library of Latvia, sculpture work Divi Raiņi by sculptor Aigars Bikše was opened. Artwork was created with the support of the foundation Mākslai vajag telpu, Zuzāni family and patron of the arts Guntis Rāvis, with cooperation of the National Library of Latvia.

“It is difficult to image the world without outstanding art or literature. Rainis was one of the gems of the Latvian literature providing significant contribution also in the development of our country. Therefore I am truly honoured to support this sculpture work Divi Raiņi by Aigars Bikše. I hope that contribution of Rainis will serve as the source of inspiration also for further changes in our society,” emphasizes patron of the arts Guntis Rāvis.

Sculpture work is made of two identical sculptures – the same person Rainis – each sculpture sitting on the opposite side of the bench, still the dimensional relations of the sculpture differ, portraying idea of growing into one’s wisdom and viewpoint, change of perspective both during the life of an individual and nation. Rainis is pictured as an outstanding personality in the scene of culture and enthusiast for strengthening the Latvian identity. He is like the scale and symbol of the idea about the “magnitude of Latvians”. Sculpture by the sculptor Aigars Bikše consists of two Rainis sitting on the opposite sides of bench with different dimensional relations. Large sculpture of Rainis is three metres high while the small – one metre. There is a ten metres long bench situated between the two sculptures, resembling part of the endlessly long bench where numerous figures of Rainis are sitting. There is also a sitting space for the viewer allowing to form an individual connection with the sculpture. Image of the sculpture shows Rainis as a renowned personality in the culture of Latvia and promoter of Latvian identity. He is like the symbol of the idea about the „magnitude of Latvians”.