On April 18, 2019, in presence of the representatives of State Construction Control Bureau of Latvia (SCCB) commission the new fire station of VUGD in Riga, Jaunpils Street, has been put into operation after signing the Certificate of Acceptance and Delivery of construction works. The new building will offer employees modern work premises in line with the current sanitary, hygienic, technical and safety requirements. Before accepting the construction works, commission inspected all rooms and tested their compliance with VUGD requirements.

Total area of the new building is 1537 m2. The VUGD fire station on Jaunpils Street will be the largest of all of the newly built fire stations, because the premises will not only be occupied by the operative staff, who respond to day-to-day calls, but also the management of the VUGD Riga region administration and fire safety inspectors.

Territory of the building is upgraded with parking place for the transport of employees and vehicles engaged in emergency responses, as well as bicycle stands. Vacant territory of the building has a lawn with greenery - trees, bushes and flowers, as well as recreation places. To allow faster departure of the vehicles engaged in emergency responses from the fire station a connection to the Kārļa Ulmaņa gatve has been established. Costs of the new depot is EUR 5.1 million.

Client: Provision State Agency. The construction company SIA “Skonto Būve” carried out construction works on the site.