On 18 October, festive ridgepole celebrations of the House of the Future of Museum of the Occupation took place with attendees including representatives of the SJSC “State Real Estate”, project client and general constructor SIA “Skonto Būve”.

„We are truly proud of every construction project we accomplish but it is always a great honor and significance to take part in the projects with an important historical value, zeitgeist and contribution to future generations,” emphasizes Juris Pētersons, Member of the Board of SIA “Skonto Būve”.

Currently approximately 80% of the works in the House of the Future and around 20% of the load bearing construction works in the old part of the museum are accomplished. At the same time along with the museum reconstruction and building of the House of the Future another essential part of the ensemble will be implemented — the remembrance art object "Vēstures taktīla” (the construction of remembrance memorial complex to Soviet occupation victims). Ministry of Culture have allocated state budget funding of EUR 8.9 million for this project of historical significance. According to plan, the museum exhibition could return in the historical premises and be open to visitors in the end of 2020.