From July 26 to July 28, 2019, the staff of Skonto Būve took part in a two day endurance cycling race organized by the company Gandrs. Not only was it an amazing cycling adventure offering a chance to immerse in the joy of riding bikes and discover Latvia’s nature, towns and faraway places, but it also allowed the racers to test their physical limits and mental strength. 

The participants of the event had 42 hours to complete a 330 km long distance from the coastal town of Liepāja to the capital Riga, visiting 4 checkpoints located in such Latvian landmarks as Mušu kalns(Mušu Hill), Virsnieku kurgāns (Officers’ Kurgan), Silenes Augstais kalns (Silene High Hill) un Riekstukalns.

The participants were free to work out their own route to get from one checkpoint to another. This was not a race for trophies, but one where you can toughen up, acquire experience and win the fight against yourself.

We truly admire the perseverance demonstrated by all the participants and send our best wishes to our colleagues on completing the challenge!