Skonto Būve has supported the photographer G. Kajons’ book “Theme 011”


Black and white photos by the photographer Gvido Kajons, which are included in the book “Theme 011”, were taken during the times of Soviet Latvia. With a history of several decades, the photos have become valuable reflectors of the past.

The cycle “Theme 011” covers a number of themes – landscapes, demonstrations, a man and a city, captions and time. The cycle is permeated by a thought which says: HOW INTERESTING THIS TIME IS. This cycle, as everything that Kajons does, is outlined by technical sterility, perfect quality and the individual vision of the artist: he captures supposedly unnoticeable and ordinary things and turns them into art; he pulls a random piece out of context and creates his own subtext.

Gvido Kajons (1955) just like his fellow members from the photography group “A”, co-founded by him, has never studied photography in an academic way. Initially, photography fascinated him as a hobby. Gvido Kajons started taking pictures when he was in 5th grade. His first “tool” was an old grandfather’s camera manufactured in the 1930s. The photographer graduated from the Faculty of Radio Engineering and Communications of Riga Polytechnic Institute and became a professional engineer. In the 1990s he worked as a magazine photographer (for the magazine “Liesma”). Since 1979, Gvido Kajons has participated in group photo exhibitions and has arranged his own personal exhibitions in Latvia and abroad, including the Walter Philips Gallery in Canada, Exhibition Hall “Weseburg” in Germany and “Van der Berlage” gallery in Amsterdam. The most famous photo series of the author are the following: “Through life with the Minolta” /Ar Minoltu pa dzīvi/ (1994), “Theme 011” (part of the photos included in the cycle were exhibited for the first time in 1988 at the Architects House), “National geography” (1998).

The photos from the cycle “Theme 011” were captured from 1976 through to 1994.

Text authors: Sarmite Sile, Raimo Lielbriedis

Design and layout: Sandra Osina 

Image scanning: Marcis Bendiks

Image processing: Gvido Kajons, Sandra Osina, Milda Osina, Valdis Osins 

Publisher: Society for the Support of Education and Culture BALTA

Printed by SIA Jelgavas tipogrāfija.


The book was published with the financial support of SIA Skonto Būve.

World premiere of the ballet “Karlsons lido...” sponsored by “Skonto Būve”


The world premiere of the ballet “Karlsons lido...”, an adaption of Astrid Lindgren’s book, was held at the Latvian National Opera in October 2013. This is an excellent gift for ballet admirers, as well as pupils and their parents starting the new academic year.

“Karlsons lido...” is presented to audiences at the beginning of the new ballet season affirming the successful cooperation between the Latvian National Ballet and its patron “Skonto Būve”.

The Latvian National Ballet’s staging is colourful and lively and allows young viewers to not only go on a journey to Stockholm in the 70s, but also to experience the well-known adventures of Karlsson and Lillebror.

The Latvian National Opera, supported by Skonto Būve, begins a new season and celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Opera hous


In celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Latvian National Opera house and the beginning of the 2013/2014 season, the LNO presented two magnificent concerts.

Alongside the local opera and ballet stars, these concerts featured internationally renowned names who started their career in this very opera house in Riga: Aleksandrs Antonenko (Aleksandrs Antoņenko), Inese Galante, Inga Kalna and Egils Silins (Egils Siliņš).

In the forthcoming season, the LNO will continue with the tradition of offering sophisticated concerts in addition to the opera and ballet performances.

Skonto Būve has been a patron of ballet at the LNO for a number of years. This support has allowed the ballet troupe to stage spectacular seasonal performances and go on several important tours.

“Skonto Būve” starts construction of the CSDD Customer service centre


Along with continuing the large-scale reconstruction of the adjacent Riga Motor Museum, construction of the Customer service centre of the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) on the right bank of the River Daugava has been officially started with the laying of the foundation stone.

The CSDD Customer service centre on the right bank of the River Daugava will be analogous to the current centre at Bauskas Street and it is planned to be made as the leading place of the Directorate Register as was specified by Chairman of the Board of the Directorate Andris Lukstins (Andris Lukstiņš). He admitted that due to several new functions the place in the premises on Bauskas and Miera Streets is becoming too small for the Directorate.

The necessity for the construction of a new customer service centre and reconstruction of the building of the Riga Motor Museum built in Soviet times was also emphasised by Minister of Transport Anrijs Matiss (Anrijs Matīss).

By taking part in laying the foundation stone, Chairman of the Board of "Skonto Būve" Guntis Ravis (Guntis Rāvis) pointed out that the project will be completed on time and in good quality and acknowledged that it is interesting to construct the centre due to the original finish of the facade.

The area of the building of the Riga Motor Museum to be reconstructed is 7700 m2, and the construction project – 3000 m2. It is planned that the construction works will be completed in summer next year and the Museum will open its doors for visitors in the second half of 2014.

“Dinamo Riga” receives a puck worth 200 thousand euros


In the season opening festival of the hockey club “Dinamo Riga” the team was awarded a puck - one and a half metres in diameter - worth 200 thousand lats. The puck is a present for the team “Dinamo Riga” from its main sponsor “Skonto Būve” which presented the puck as a symbolic donation cheque by expressing support and wishing success for the new season.Ballerinas of the Latvian National Ballet were invited to help in the presentation of the puck.

“This is perhaps the most valuable puck in the history of “Dinamo Riga” and it is a contribution of “Skonto Būve” to make the new season especially successful for the team. We are together with the team “Dinamo” for the fifth season already and there have been both very successful and not so successful seasons, but the team has proved itself to be a team of fighters. And therefore we have special satisfaction because “Dinamo” is a source of inspiration for young sportsmen, which raises our national pride and confidence. I would like to wish that this season all the pucks for the team are as noticeable as the puck presented by “Skonto Būve” and none of them be let in the goal of our team!” wished Chairman of the Board of “Skonto Būve” Guntis Ravis (Guntis Rāvis) when presenting the puck.

Traditionally, the 200 thousand euro cheque has been invested in developing the contribution of “Dinamo” of “Skonto Būve” and strengthening the national pride of Latvia for the fifth season already.