Festive opening of the new fire station of VUGD


On Wednesday, June 12, the festive opening of the new fire station of VUGD and new premises for the management of VUGD Riga region administration and fire safety inspectors of the second division was held in 13 Jaunpils Street, Riga.

The construction works of the Jaunpils Street depot and administrative premises started in December 2016, and currently the firefighters of the second division are able to respond to day-to-day calls from new premises, more suitable for the needs of service. Depot premises include rooms for operative staff, administration and training, garage block with parking place for firefighting vehicles and special vehicles maintenance area, as well as 30 metres high stand for the drying of fire-hoses.

Building is suitable for not only the fire fighters and rescuers but also administrative work of Riga region. The administration has moved to the new premises from the building in 3 Maskavas Street. It means that further officials of the Riga region administration, including fire safety inspectors and civil protection inspectors will receive visitors in 13 Jaunpils Street.

Jaunpils Street depot is the first firefighter’s depot built in this century in Riga and seventh newly built depot in Latvia. During the past few years, new depots were built in Cēsis, Valka, Skrunda, Ērgļi, Ape and Smiltene.

Construction costs of the new Riga regional administration second division depot are 5 million 107 thousand 852 euros and 60 euro cents. Client: Provision State Agency. The construction company SIA “Skonto Būve” carried out construction works on the site.

Employees of Skonto Būve participate in the MTB marathon


On Sunday, May 26, the third stage of Latvia’s State Forests Mountain Bike marathon (MTB) took place with participants from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. This time new routes were offered to participants in the “Toyota Hybrid”, “Lielbāta Public” and “Mammadaba” health distance allowing to fully experience and enjoy the terrain of Sigulda with plenty of long and interesting runs, challenging up-slopes, wooden bridges and other trials. Employees of “Skonto Būve” took part in the marathon conquering the 34.9 kilometres long “Lielbāta Public” distance. Our employees participate in the marathon for the third season already gaining not only positive emotions but also developing the sportsmanship and team building.

Congratulations to our colleagues for participation! Next marathon stage will take place in June 16 at Jaunpiebalga.

Skonto Būve participates in the annual Tet Riga Marathon


This year the annual Tet Riga Marathon took place in May 19. Participants run the distances of: 6 km, 10 km, 21 km (half-marathon) and 42 km (marathon). Altogether, 38,398 runners took part in Tet Riga Marathon. As Tet Riga Marathon is the only marathon in North Europe that is awarded with the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Gold Label, a record number of foreign participants were registered for the marathon – 4632 representing 82 countries.

Also 30 employees of Skonto Būve participated in the marathon. Three colleagues run the 42 km distance, 12 colleagues 21 km, ten colleagues — 10 km and five colleagues 6 km distance. Congratulations to our colleagues for the participation and great results!

New fire station of VUGD in Riga has been put into operation


On April 18, 2019, in presence of the representatives of State Construction Control Bureau of Latvia (SCCB) commission the new fire station of VUGD in Riga, Jaunpils Street, has been put into operation after signing the Certificate of Acceptance and Delivery of construction works. The new building will offer employees modern work premises in line with the current sanitary, hygienic, technical and safety requirements. Before accepting the construction works, commission inspected all rooms and tested their compliance with VUGD requirements.

Total area of the new building is 1537 m2. The VUGD fire station on Jaunpils Street will be the largest of all of the newly built fire stations, because the premises will not only be occupied by the operative staff, who respond to day-to-day calls, but also the management of the VUGD Riga region administration and fire safety inspectors.

Territory of the building is upgraded with parking place for the transport of employees and vehicles engaged in emergency responses, as well as bicycle stands. Vacant territory of the building has a lawn with greenery - trees, bushes and flowers, as well as recreation places. To allow faster departure of the vehicles engaged in emergency responses from the fire station a connection to the Kārļa Ulmaņa gatve has been established. Costs of the new depot is EUR 5.1 million.

Client: Provision State Agency. The construction company SIA “Skonto Būve” carried out construction works on the site.

Charity kart races take place in the United Kingdom


On Thursday, September 13, employees of the “Skonto Group” companies participated in the Sir Robert McAlpine Daytona Prix kart challenge races. Purpose of the event was fund-raising to support cancer patients.

Charity kart races took place in the United Kingdom, Daytona Sandown Park, where one of the most popular kart race tracks of the United Kingdom are located. Sir Robert McAlpine Foundation organised the event. For more than 50 years already Foundation provides support to children, young people and seniors, as well as funds new discoveries in the health and social areas. Main purpose of the charity kart races was to collect 20 thousand British pounds to support cancer patients. Donated resources was handed over to the Maggie’s Centres to continue and develop construction of the cancer patients help centre.