Skonto Būve has won the highest awards in the industry


On 10 March 2020, the award ceremony of the most important competition in the industry Latvian Construction Year Award 2019 took place, in which Skonto Būve won the two highest awards. Both the implemented projects and company's specialists were appreciated.

With the Bussiness Garden Rīga, the company triumphed in the New Public Building nomination, winning the 1st place, while in the New Specialist nomination the 3rd place was won by Skonto Būve specialist Viktors Borisovskis.

In Latvia, a total of 162 applications in 10 nominations were received for the exhibition this year, including several foreign objects with the involvement of national professionals. Applicants competed for one of the three award-winning places in the following nominations: New Public Building, New Residential Building, Reconstruction, Facade Reconstruction, Restoration, New Engineering Building, Engineering Building Reconstruction, Wooden Structure, Public Outdoor Space and Industrial Structure.

The competition also identified the most talented professionals in the industry, who competed in the following nominations: Young Specialist, Construction Manager, Engineer-Designer, Project Manager and BIM Specialist.

We would like to thank all the Skonto Būve specialists for their dedicated and highly valued work!


More about the awarded object:

Customer: Vastint Latvia

Project: Depot project

Object: Business Garden Riga 1st stage buildings at 1 and 2 Malduguņu Street

Constructor: Skonto Būve

Construction supervision: Form 2

Ridgepole celebrations of the “Nākotnes nams” (The House of the Future) of Museum of the Occupation


On 18 October, festive ridgepole celebrations of the House of the Future of Museum of the Occupation took place with attendees including representatives of the SJSC “State Real Estate”, project client and general constructor SIA “Skonto Būve”.

„We are truly proud of every construction project we accomplish but it is always a great honor and significance to take part in the projects with an important historical value, zeitgeist and contribution to future generations,” emphasizes Juris Pētersons, Member of the Board of SIA “Skonto Būve”.

Currently approximately 80% of the works in the House of the Future and around 20% of the load bearing construction works in the old part of the museum are accomplished. At the same time along with the museum reconstruction and building of the House of the Future another essential part of the ensemble will be implemented — the remembrance art object "Vēstures taktīla” (the construction of remembrance memorial complex to Soviet occupation victims). Ministry of Culture have allocated state budget funding of EUR 8.9 million for this project of historical significance. According to plan, the museum exhibition could return in the historical premises and be open to visitors in the end of 2020.

Modern office buildings at Business Garden Rīga complex put into operation


On 13 August, 2019, two buildings part of the first-phase construction at the Business Garden Rīga complex in Mārupe were put into operation. The completed projects include more than 14,000 m2 of office space, parking for 200 bicycles, and a car park for 109 cars underground and 504 cars above ground. The complex is one of the largest of its kind in Latvia, offering its tenants an opportunity to plan for further development and expansion.

Construction of two office buildings – the X-3 project in 1 Malduguņu Street and Office Building C in 2 Malduguņu Street –began in 2017. Works also included construction of a recreational zone with all amenities and a car park. 

The buildings were constructed using the latest technologies and sustainable solutions to optimize their maintenance costs and create a pleasant and healthy working climate inside.The buildings will be certified in accordance with the internationally-recognized LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program, thus attesting to the projects’ compliance with the highest requirements for sustainability and comfort.   

Business Garden Rīga is a modern multi-building office development, with more than 70,000 m2 of office space with all amenities for people working there, including a recreational zone, a restaurant and a café, a kindergarten, a health club, co-working space, as well as a number of other facilities. 

The complex is conveniently located near one of the major streets into Riga, Ulmaņa Gatve, right on the border of the city of Riga and Mārupe. The office buildings are surrounded by three streets – Ulmaņa Gatve, Lielā and Daibes Street – and can be easily accessed from a specially designed and built traffic lane. Also, public transport stops have been created near the complex. 

The construction plan designers – DEPO projects Ltd.,the project contractor – Vastint Latvia Ltd., construction works – Skonto Būve Ltd.

Skonto Būve staff complete the 330 km long endurance cycling event Velorealitāte 2019


From July 26 to July 28, 2019, the staff of Skonto Būve took part in a two day endurance cycling race organized by the company Gandrs. Not only was it an amazing cycling adventure offering a chance to immerse in the joy of riding bikes and discover Latvia’s nature, towns and faraway places, but it also allowed the racers to test their physical limits and mental strength. 

The participants of the event had 42 hours to complete a 330 km long distance from the coastal town of Liepāja to the capital Riga, visiting 4 checkpoints located in such Latvian landmarks as Mušu kalns(Mušu Hill), Virsnieku kurgāns (Officers’ Kurgan), Silenes Augstais kalns (Silene High Hill) un Riekstukalns.

The participants were free to work out their own route to get from one checkpoint to another. This was not a race for trophies, but one where you can toughen up, acquire experience and win the fight against yourself.

We truly admire the perseverance demonstrated by all the participants and send our best wishes to our colleagues on completing the challenge!


The largest Marriott hotel in the Baltics – AC Hotel by Marriott Riga – opens in the Latvian capital


On 23 May, 2019, the first Marriott branded hotel in Latvia and the largest in the Baltics - AC Hotel by Marriott Riga – was put into operation. Located in 33 Dzirnavu Street, it occupies the former building of Albert Hotel.   Following renovation, the hotel building will be certified in accordance with the international LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program. 

The hotel renovation was started by Skonto Būve at the beginning of 2018 to meet the high standards required by the AC Hotel by Marriott brand. The project included general works and territorial improvement of the surrounding area, as well as utility construction project management. The total area of the building is 8 420.9 m2, with 11 stories above ground and two underground. The building is 39.4 high, with the building volume of 35 331 m3, and the improvable surrounding area of 803 m2.

Marriott Internationalis the world’s largest hotel chain with its headquarters based in the USA. It possesses 6900 sites and 30 hotel brands across 130 countries and territories worldwide. In 2017, the company ranked 33rd on the Fortune magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list. In 2019, Marriott’s brands have debuted in Finland, New Zealand, Lithuania, Mali, and the Ukraine.

The four-star AC Hotel by Marriott Riga offers 239 modern and comfortable rooms. It also features four perfectly lit multi-functional conference rooms on the building’s top floor, as well as quite zones, a restaurant, and a fitness centre. With both the guests’ and city’s inhabitants’ well-being in mind, the outside of the hotel features nicely greened relaxation areas.            

The project contractor – Vastint Latvia Ltd., designers – KasunK.studija Ltd. and ARHIS ARHITEKTI Ltd.