Skonto Būve builds the most modern control management centre in Eastern and Northern Europe at Riga Airport


The most modern Operational Management Centre (OMC) has been opened at Riga International Airport. The construction of the OMC was performed by Skonto Būve over a period of 6 months.

During the construction, a complete Operational Management Centre (OMC) was built for the airport, for the first time bringing together all security services of Riga Airport – fire department, customs, police, security police and border guards. The OMC is part of the airport’s administrative building.

The Centre uses the latest technologies, which take into account each non-standard movement and suspicious object, for example individuals in unauthorised areas, or bags accidentally left unattended at the airport.

Along with the new OMC, a new control station was also built, located in the engineering area of Riga Airport. The ramp street and equipment area were also expanded.

Skonto Būve inaugurates the renovated Brīvības street in Jēkabpils


In a ceremony in Jēkabpils, the renovated Brīvības Street has been inaugurated, which was renovated among others by the general partnership Skonto Būve and Roadeks within the project “Reconstruction of Rīgas, Brīvības, R. Blaumaņa and Zaļā streets and the adjacent street network”

The event was attended by Jēkabpils Mayor Leonīds Salcevičs, Chairman of the Board of VAS Latvijas valsts ceļi Ivars Pāže, Minister of Traffic Aivis Ronis, Chairman of the Board of Skonto Būve Guntis Rāvis, and representatives of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development and the State Regional Development Agency.

During their speeches, the participants expressed satisfaction with the street renovation projects, which are a significant contribution to the improvement of the street infrastructure and road traffic safety of the city. The city municipality has already received acclaim from numerous residents for the successful completion of the street projects. Residents are happy about the beautiful and wide streets, new parking places, and clean environment.

The Bank of Latvia building renovated by Skonto Būve has been opened


The Italian neo-Renaissance style building on Kr.Valdemāra Street 1B reconstructed and renovated by Ltd. “Skonto Būve” has been opened with new client service halls, customer service related departments and Statistical Bureau of the Bank of Latvia. The building is located in the historical center of Riga included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

After 19 month of façade restoration and interior reconstruction and restoration building has recovered its historical and majestic splendor, and it all was done under the strong control of Skonto Buve project manager Modris Seļakovs.

After completing the restoration work, the interior looks more luxurious than ever, with restored polychrome paintings, historical gilding, bronze coatings and untraditionally thick parquet. A number of new lamps were manufactured based on historical models, and this is only a small part of all the work carried out.

In performing this work, Skonto Būve has managed not only to maintain the majestic splendor and historic atmosphere of the historic building, but at the same time has created a building that meets the most modern requirements for administrative buildings and the highest safety standards.

G.Rāvis meets with holders of the Boris Bērziņš scholarship


This is the fourth year during which Guntis Rāvis, the manager of SIA Skonto Būve, has decided on his private initiative to support new students of the Latvian Academy of Art (LMA) by granting scholarships named after the famous painter Boris Bērziņš. In 2012/2013, the scholarship will be granted to three Latvian Academy of Art students: Kristīne Graudule, Sigita Lūse and Māra Brīvere.

This year’s meeting with the patron G. Rāvis was attended not only by the winners of this year’s competition, but also by scholarship holders of previous years and the Head of the Latvian Academy of Arts, Prof. Aleksejs Naumovs, the Head of the LMA Drawing Department, Prof. Edvīns Kalnenieks, and Lecturer of the LMA Drawing Department, Dace Lielā.

The Boris Bērziņš scholarship encourages students to focus on drawing and promotes the development of visual arts in Latvia.

Skonto Būve supports Dinamo Rīga hockey club for the fourth year in a row


At the start of the 2012/2013 Continental Hockey League season, one of the largest construction companies in Latvia, SIA Skonto Būve, continued the tradition and granted financial support in the amount of 200,000 euros to Dinamo Rīga ice hockey club. For the fourth year in a row, Skonto Būve has committed to becoming a supporter of Dinamo Rīga. Ice hockey is one of the most popular sports in Latvia, and this support is a tool in helping to achieve the best results.

Chairman of the Board of AS Dinamo Rīga Juris Savickis said: “We want our players to believe in their abilities and that the highest goal is achievable. Of course, the road to achieving this goal will be much more difficult than during the last season. The battle for a place in the play-offs will be very hard. But tenacity is the key, and that is something which our team definitely does not lack.”