Completed the designing and construction works of the new block of VSIA Paula Stradiņa klīniskā universitātes slimnīca


As a part of the general partnership SBRE, SIA Skonto Būve preformed the 1st round designing, design supervision and construction works, as well as delivery and setup of the in-built facilities of the A block of the Stradiņš hospital.

Upon putting the building complex into operation, the patients and hospital staff will be welcomed by large, bright and modern premises equipped with medical technology.

The total area of the new complex is more than 34 thousand square meters. The new block has two underground floors, where the connecting corridors with other hospital blocks are built, as well as communication tunnels for engineering and medical systems for the new energy block of the complex, and also technical premises.

In seven surface floors of the medical block, the outpatient and inpatient treatment will be assured. In order to assure the functionality of the new block and operation of the new engineering communications and technologies, a new, more than 500 meters long, rain collector, was built up to the K. Ulmaņa gatve, as well as an almost 5 km long 10 kV electric line from the Torņakalns substation.

In the construction process of the building complex, other companies from the SKONTO group were also involved - SKONTO PLAN, SKONTO PREFAB and LEC.

The facade of the building is made of high-quality finishing - facade ceramics made specially for the project, large designed timber windows, and roof covering from copper plates for the tower part of the building. An area of more than 25 thousand m2 was improved.

Skonto Būve is renovating the buildings for asylum seekers in Mucenieki


At the end of March of this year, SIA Skonto Būve will finish the works in the object “Detention Centre for Foreigners”, during which two buildings, which were built in the 70s, were reconstructed in Mucenieki. In one of the buildings, it is planned to accommodate families with children and the other building, the capacity of which is around 80 people, will have premises for asylum seekers, medical unit, examination rooms, interview rooms in the 1stfloor and work cabinets of the staff in the 2ndfloor.

During implementation of the project, the foundations of the buildings were reinforced and the old brick walls were renovated, as well as the solid-cast reinforced concrete coverings were built.

During the construction, the buildings have gained a new, more attractive appearance and the interior was renovated so that it would be comfortable and cosy.

The customer of the object is the Provision State Agency.

Skonto Būve is reconstructing the BMW car saloon in Riga


At the end of April of this year, Skonto Būve will put the new BMW car salon in Riga, Dārzciema iela 64A, into operation. Reconstruction of the building was started on February 2016; the existing BMW salon was rebuilt and the new premises have additional 1600 m2of space. Currently, some finalising works are still in progress.

By implementing this building project, the building has obtained new appearance and functionality. A bridge has been built in the middle of the building, which connects both parts of the atrium. The chosen atrium solution is special, as it was made of glass railings, thus giving a sense of weightlessness to the building. Two freight elevators are also built in the building, which will give the opportunity to lift the cars to 2ndand 3rdfloor.

The customer of the object is SIA Ērmans.

It is planned to put the building into operation on 24 April 2017

SKONTO BŪVE receives award "Most Successful Businessman of the Year"


An event „Businessman of the Tukums municipality 2016” took place on 7 October 2016, at the conclusion of the Business Week, during which the most successful businessmen of the municipality are awarded each year. An award "Most Successful Businessman of the Year" was received by Skonto Būve, while the company SIA Skonto Plan was honoured with a nomination “Most Generous RIT Payer of the Year". SIA Skonto Plan also received an award "Most Generous Supporter of Youth”.

Tukums for the Skonto Group is a significant place for business development as it is a home of production plants of two successful companies of the Group - "Skonto Plan" and "Forta Medical", which are constantly being developed, thus creating new jobs in Tukums. Already next year, 1.5 million EUR will be invested in improvement of the "Skonto Plan" production plant.

Riga Motor Museum, reconstructed by SKONTO BŪVE, has been opened with a festive event


On Friday, 1 July with a parade of antique cars and cutting of the symbolic red ribbon the reconstructed CSDD (Road Traffic Safety Directorate) Riga Motor Museum (RMM) was opened. The museum has undergone large-scale reconstruction, and now the largest and most up-to-date museum of historic vehicles in the Baltics is open to visitors.

After extensive reconstruction of the museum, its premises have been fully transformed in accordance with modern requirements, acquiring more spacious and more qualitative premises for the exhibition, a facilitated and pleasant environment and easy accessibility for any visitor. The museum exhibition creates an exciting and interactive story about the unique vehicles, the remarkable personalities and the most significant events in the history of vehicles and mankind. The exhibition is housed on three floors in an area of more than 4000 square metres and currently more than 100 unique cars, motorcycles and bicycles are displayed in it.

Reconstruction of the museum building has been implemented by the office of architects SIA Arhis Arhitekti and by constructor SIA Skonto Būve, but the exhibition design has been created by SIA H2E.

Riga Motor Museum was opened in 1989, but in 2016 reconstruction of the building was completed.