In July, with the Support of Skonto Būve, the Renovation of the Large Gallery Wall-Painting in Rundāle Palace will Commence


In March of this year, company Skonto Būve decided to lend its support to the renovation of the most outstanding monument of baroque and rococo art in Latvia, by providing financial investment for the renovation works of the Large Gallery wall-painting. The palace is one of the most outstanding monuments of baroque and rococo art in Latvia. In the Latvian history of art, the Large Gallery painted using the tempera technique is an unusual occurrence – it is the only sample of such monumental Italian baroque art in Latvia. It is planned that the renovation works may continue till spring of next year, when the works will be fully completed.

During the second construction period of the palace (1763-1767), the Large Gallery was formed from five small rooms into a 30 m long dining hall; it joins the White Hall and the Golden Hall. The Gallery is one of two rooms in the palace, where the walls are painted using the tempera technique on a lime plastering foundation. The wall-painting was discovered quite unexpectedly. During the renovation works, by removing the layers of paint on the Western wall, under three layers of repaint the renovators discovered the original painting from the 18th century, the authors of which were Italian artists of that time – Francesco Martini and Carlo Zucchi.

Three Municipality Residential Buildings with 480 Apartments have been Opened


The complex of municipality residential buildings implemented by Riga Municipality “Rīgas pilsētbūvnieks” Ltd in cooperation with “Skonto Būve” Ltd at Ulbrokas iela 13 was opened on 19 January by presenting the keys to the first tenants of the apartments.
Keys to the first residents were presented by the Chairman of Riga City Council Nils Ušakovs, Vice-Major of the Council Andris Ameriks, Chairman of the Committee of Housing and Environment Vjačeslavs Stepaņenko and Chairman of “Skonto Būve” Board Guntis Rāvis.
Upon completion of the first stage of construction, three of the five twelve-storey buildings have been commissioned for use with 480 apartments. This is the largest complex of new municipality residential buildings constructed in Latvia, since the country regained its independence.Buildings are constructed of monolith reinforced concrete framework, three layers of heat insulated panels and an optimal layout. Apartments suitable for people with special needs are located on the ground floors of the buildings. Wider doors, specially designed window handles, doorsteps and bathrooms have been provided, and at the entrance of the buildings special ramps have been constructed. Next to the buildings are a landscaped yard, children’s playground and a multi-storey car park.

Guntis Rāvis Congratulates the Best DINAMO Riga and Moscow Club CSKA Hockey Players at “Skonto Būve” Match


After the special match devoted to DINAMO Riga’s general sponsor "Skonto Būve" Ltd on 18 January 2011, the Chairman of the Company Board, Guntis Rāvis, presented awards to the best DINAMO Riga and Moscow Club CSKA hockey players.

The best player of DINAMO Riga was Aleksandrs Ņiživijs, and from the Moscow Club CSKA the victorious player was forward Jan Marek.

Chairman of Cesis District Council gives his highest evaluation for the Reconstruction of Cesis New Castle


On 18 January at Cesis New Castle, upon conclusion of the third and forth floor reconstruction, a facilitated conference hall has been opened, as well as a new exhibition hall – a gallery in the loft premises of the castle.

At the official opening event, Chairman of Cesis District Council Gints Šķenders expressed his gratitude to everyone, who took part in the reconstruction process and added: “We were truly lucky that the construction works in the castle were managed by a representative of our district, Modris Seļakovs, because the results the builders have achieved have earned the highest evaluation!” The construction and reconstruction process under the supervision of “Skonto Būve”.

Construction Manager Modris Seļakovs was executed patiently, with high professional interest and understanding about the culture heritage object. Modris Seļakovs himself is also satisfied with the results: “I have to admit that I put my heart into this work.”

With the support of “Skonto Būve” Ltd the Cathedral’s Bell Tower Dome will be gilded


With the support and initiative of “Skonto Būve” Ltd. Chairman of Board Guntis Rāvis the large-scale campaign “SVET” of restoring the Riga Nativity Orthodox Cathedral is ongoing. This year within the campaign it is planned to gild the surface of the Cathedral’s bell tower dome.

“Currently Latvia needs light more than ever, therefore I invite everyone to take part and become the messengers of light. I am truly grateful to the patron of the project, Guntis Rāvis not only for the funds he has donated, but also for his initiative, while managing the renovation process of the Cathedral. Latvia needs bright people, for the country to be able to exist at times of not only economic difficulties, but spiritual difficulties as well,” emphasizes the metropolitan of Riga and all of Latvia, Aleksandrs.