Winner of the Most Powerful Hockey Shot Competition – Jēkabs Rēdlihs from "Dinamo Riga"



Following a successful season, the "Dinamo Riga" hockey club had invited all players and supporters, including "Skonto Būve", to special season-ending celebration.

The hockey players thanked the fans and supporters and showed off their skills in different exercises, such as controlling the puck, scoring goals and converting penalty shots.

In the competition for the most powerful shot, organised by "Skonto Būve", friend and supporter of "Dinamo Riga", Jēkabs Rēdlihs catapulted the puck to 150 km/h and remained unbeaten.

"Skonto Būve" Supports World’s Best Gymnasts in the Baltijas Aplis 2010 Competition


The eleventh international artistic gymnastics competition Baltijas Aplis took place on 21 and 22 of March and was supported by "Skonto Būve". 

Medals were contested by world class athletes from Latvia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Poland, the Czech Republic, USA, Sweden, Azerbaijan, Finland, and Portugal.

The winners received congratulations from the managers of "Skonto Būve", Guntis Rāvis and Ivars Millers, and artworks from many famous Latvian artists - Jāzeps Pīgoznis, Juris Ģērmanis, Andrejs Rozenbergs, Jānis Anmanis, Marija Brodele, Arturs Ņikitins, Romens Umans, Ilze Dūdiņa and Aleksandrs Stepaņans.

"Skonto Būve’s" Christmas Tree Has Been Switched on Using Special Rays of Light



For the second year running, "Skonto Būve" has presented a magnificent Christmas tree to the city of Riga, its inhabitants, and guests. This year, the tree was switched on using special projections of light rays which illuminated the city centre to make it contrast with the darkness.

“The people of Latvia and businessmen of Latvia need to take care not only for the environment, but also for more cheerful atmosphere. "Skonto Būve" has commenced the tradition of illuminating a Christmas tree in the centre of Riga to give joy and a festive feeling to all people of Riga and guests of the city!” says the Chairman of the Board of "Skonto Būve", Guntis Rāvis.