Unique mural painted for the donation of patron Guntis Rāvis to the Riga Nativity Orthodox Cathedral


A unique mural 100 square metres in area is being painted in the Riga Nativity Orthodox Cathedral. Reputed Russian iconographer Georgy Mironov has developed and is currently painting a mural, the theme of which is the conception Metropolite Alexander of Riga and all Latvia. The mural is being realised with the support of patron and  "Skonto būve" Ltd. Chairman of the Board Guntis Rāvis.

The Cathedral's back wall has waited to be painted for over twenty years – the concept and clear vision of the necessity for a mural has existed since the Cathedral was renewed at the beginning of the 1990s. In 2004, Guntis Rāvis began the Riga Nativity of Christ Cathedral renewal project “Svet”, at which time the façade of the Cathedral was restored. Now Rāvis has donated the rest of the sum required to make it possible to paint the blank Cathedral wall according to tradition and the highest level of quality requirements.

Riga City Major Sees for Himself the Construction of Residential Buildings at Ulbrokas iela



On 27 July in order to see for himself the progress of construction Nils Ušakovs, the Chairman of Riga City Council, visited the construction site of the municipal residential houses at Ulbrokas iela, where the work is performed by SIA "Skonto būve".

At the beginning of the year the construction of a complex of five multi-storey residential houses was commenced in Pļavnieki, at Ulbrokas iela 13. There will be 792 apartments in total, 288 of which will be one room apartments, 288 two room apartments, 120 three room apartments and 96 four room apartments. SIA “Rīgas pilsētbūvnieks” plans to commission three apartment blocks with approximately 500 apartments in total by the end of the year.

Forbes: Guntis Rāvis and the Tantalising Emirates



The article covers the success of “Skonto būve” from its first steps in the business until today when the company has made perspective deals outside the local Latvian market. In the interview Guntis Rāvis shares his views on the construction business and preconditions for development in Latvia and what to consider when implementing your business abroad.

When sharing his experience Guntis Rāvis speaks about “Skonto būve” construction projects in Scandinavia and the United Kingdom. The interview mainly focuses on future developments in the United Arab Emirates.

Katrīna Iļjinska, "Tantalising Emirates ", Forbes, in July 2010.

Young Artists Receive the Boriss Bērziņš Scholarship with the Support of Guntis Rāvis



Three first year students of the Academy of Arts – Madara Neikena, Krista Dzudzilo and Jānis Svars – have been granted the Boriss Bērziņš scholarship for one year, that is, until the next drawing exposition at the Academy of Arts next spring.

The scholarship is financed by the Chairman of the Board of "Skonto Būve" Ltd. and its recipients are selected on the grounds of works displayed by the students in exposition. These three students were recommended by the tutors of the Drawing Department of the Academy of Arts, the head of the department professor Edvīns Kalnenieks and the gallery Daugava.

Photo: Jānis Svars, Madara Neikena, Krista Dzudzilo

"Skonto Būve" Carries Out the Overhaul of Underwater Crossing of Main Gas Pipeline Riga-Panavėžys



As a member of the General Partnership "Baltijas Energo Būve", "Skonto Būve" has concluded a contract with Latvijas Gāze regarding the overhaul of underwater crossing of the main gas pipeline Riga-Panavėžys across the Daugava.

To ensure internal diagnostics using intelligent valves, the main inverted syphon DN 500 in the section of Riga-Panavėžys main pipeline in Latvia (0,0. ÷ 84,03.km) will be converted into a communications shaft for the existing underwater crossing across the Daugava and in its place, a new inverted syphon DN 700 mm will be created using controlled drilling methods.

The estimated length of the drilling is 1700 m and the works include design and construction of the gas pipeline.