Skonto Būve takes part in Riga Castle reconstruction


In the presence of ex-presidents Guntis Ulmanis and Valdis Zatlers, the reconstruction and restoration of Riga’s first building – Riga Castle was symbolically started. The construction works will be carried out by SBRE, which is a union of Skonto Būve and Re&Re.

 As a gift from the commissioning party Real Estate Latvia (VNĪ), the builders got a set of tools for polishing gold incrustations, in return they gave the commissioner a sandglass, symbolising the starting time of the project.

Wide scale complicated repair works are about to be carried out on Riga Castle, starting with the basement fortification and ending with interior restoration.  The frontal part of the castle will serve the needs of the Chancery of the President; it consists of several rooms, such as the White Hall, Celebration Hall and others, which are currently in critical condition and out of use. The total area of Riga Castle’s frontal part to be repaired is 8 688 m2, the total area of the East wing is 1 671.3 m2. The total  area undergoing reconstruction is 10 359.3m2.

Christmas tree from Skonto Būve – a gift for Riga’s residents and guests


This is the fifth consecutive season that Skonto Būve lights a Christmas tree – folk style Riga Roster’s Fir Tree in front of the Cabinet of Ministers on the corner of Brivibas Boulevard. The tree is decorated with 10 000 electric light bulbs and 800 ornamental balls.   

Riga Roster’s Fir Treeis a folk style Christmas tree in the centre of Riga. It is 12 meters high, and 5 meters in diameter. It was decorated with 800 red ornamental balls and 10 000 electric light bulbs with a total coverage of 43 square meters.

Following last year’s tradition, the Christmas tree is decorated in Latvian folk style spirit; this year a winding wave’s ornament is used as a motive. This is one of the oldest Latvian graphical signs, and one of the basic elements of the geometrical ornament. The ancient motive, which was used when decorating household items and clothes, has now been brought into the Christmas tree design, and till the end of the festival will bring warmth to all hearts.

Skonto Būve helps enliven the triumph of Latvian basketball in Dream Team 1935


Now showing a new film “Dream Team 1935”, directed by Aigars Grauba and produced by Andrejs Ēķis  – a story about the triumph of Latvia’s  basketball team in the first European Championship in 1935.  Skonto Būve has given its support to this significant Latvian cultural project.

The film Dream Team 1935 is a patriotic success story about the first European Basketball Championship, which was held in Genève in 1935, and where Latvia won and so became the first European champion. The central character of the film is the Latvian team coach Valdemārs Baumanis and his Dream team.

Skonto Būve recognised as the industry’s most valuable company


Kapitāls magazine has published the TOP 101 most valuable companies in Latvia, where Skonto Būve was placed as the construction industry leader. The value of Skonto Būve this year has increased by 166.9%, ranking the company as the 28th most valuable enterprise in Latvia.

TOP 101 reflects enterprise value by evaluating more than 600 Latvian companies with the highest profit and turnover in 2011.

Only three companies from the construction industry were included in the TOP 101 most valuable companies in Latvia. The value of Skonto Būve is 64.97 million lats. Compared to 2011 when it ranked 84, this year Skonto Būve has climbed the chart of the most valuable Latvian companies by 56 points.

The most valuable companies in Latvia chart is compiled by Prudentia – the leading investment banking and financial advisory services provider in Latvia, and Nasdaq OMX, with the support of Lursoft and Severstal.

Ridgepole celebration at the 3D technology factory


Ridgepole celebration of the liquid crystal display / 3D technology factory built by Skonto Būve and owned by SIA EUROLCDS was held in Ventspils. The celebration was attended by Ventspils Mayor Aivars Lembergs, SIA Skonto Būve Project Manager Egīls Klēbergs, SIA EUROLCDS Member of Board Ilmārs Osmanis, and others.

The ridgepole celebration marks the beginning of the most difficult construction stage – the connecting and testing of all engineering systems. The client expressed gratitude during the event to SIA Skonto Būve for the successful cooperation. City Mayor Aivars Lembergs emphasised the uniqueness of the project, and wished the entrepreneurs success in their future work at the plant.

The new plant in Ventspils will be the largest of its type in Europe, and the factory is planned to start operations next year. The new plant will manufacture active 3D polarisation modulator products, welding mask glasses that darken automatically in bright light, road signs and information display products using the EASL Polydisplay technology, etc.